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A derive macro for automatically filling a struct based on the current environment.


struct Env {
    secret_key: String,
    int_data: i32, // Any type that implements `FromStr` can be used
    optional_data: Option<usize>,

// Setup environment variables...
env::set_var("SECRET_KEY", "hunter2");
env::set_var("INT_DATA", "128");

// ... Struct can now be loaded from current environment.
// Any missing non-`Option` field results in a panic.
// Field names are converted to SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE, i.e. `secret_key` will load the `SECRET_KEY` env var.
let env = <Env as LoadEnv>::load_env();
assert_eq!(env, Env {
    secret_key: String::from("hunter2"),
    int_data: 128,
    optional_data: None

// Add data for `optional_data` field...
env::set_var("OPTIONAL_DATA", "37");

// ... And it's now available!
let env = <Env as LoadEnv>::load_env();
assert_eq!(env.optional_data, Some(37));


In almost every codebase where I rely on environment variable, I end up writing a Env struct which fill its fields based on what's currently in the environment.

Usually, I have to define a list of mandatory variables, and then I have to convert the data myself.

I thought that given how powerful Rust's macros are, it would be a good fit for a first proc macro!

Combined with dotenv, this makes for relatively painless environment variables management!

Future features

  • Result-based API (no panic)
  • Per-field options (specify a name without defaulting to SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE)
  • Feature: cache env struct through lazy_static or similar


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