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app entitled-exe

Script kiddies whining about no compiled binaries? Troll them with an exe that opens GitHub

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0.3.1 Feb 21, 2024
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entitled-exe is a CLI tool to programmatically generate executables that open your repository on GitHub in the user's browser.

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  • do cargo install entitled-exe
  • do cd <dir where you want /builds to go>
  • run entitled-exe
  • Enter repository name: <user/repo>
  • Select compilation targets with jk and space
  • generating binaries...
  • zipping binaries...
  • done!
  • cd builds
  • upload builds to GitHub releases
  • script kiddie downloads <repo>-X.Y.Z-<arch>.zip
  • extracts to <repo>.exe or just <repo> on unix
  • runs ./<repo>
  • browser opens https://github.com/<user>/<repo>
  • cries


You'll need Rust, Cargo, and rustup to install this. You'll also need the toolchains you choose to compile to; e.g. building for arm-linux-androidabi requires rustup target add arm-linux-androideabi. After that, just install with cargo:

$ cargo install entitled-exe


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