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Encrypt / decrypt files or calculate hash from the command line. Warning: Don't use for anything important, use VeraCrypt or similar instead.

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Encrypt / decrypt files or calculate the HASH from the command line. Written in Rust without use of unsafe code.

Uses XChaCha20Poly1305 (https://docs.rs/chacha20poly1305) or AES-256-GCM-SIV (https://docs.rs/aes-gcm-siv) for encryption/decryption, bincode (https://docs.rs/bincode) for encoding and BLAKE3 (https://docs.rs/blake3), SHA2-256 / SHA2-512 (https://docs.rs/sha2) oder SHA3-256 / SHA3-512 (https://docs.rs/sha3) for hashing.

XChaCha20Poly1305 and AES256-GCM-SIV offer higher protection against (accidental) nonce reuse as compared to ChaCha20Poly1305 or AES-GCM.

Encrypted files are (and have to be) stored as .crpt.

Both encrypt and decrypt override existing files!

Panics at errors making safe execution impossible but functions mostly return results.

Installation: Use cargo install enc_file or clone the repository and build from source.

Warning: Don't use for anything important, use VeraCrypt or similar instead.

This crate hasn't been audited or reviewed in any sense. I created it to easily encrypt und decrypt non-important files which won't cause harm if known by third parties.


Main menu (if started without any command line arguments)

Please enter the corresponding number to continue:
1 Add new key
2 Remove key
3 Encrypt file using XChaCha20Poly1305
4 Decrypt file using XChaCha20Poly1305
5 Encrypt file using AES-256-GCM-SIV
6 Decrypt file using AES-256-GCM-SIV
7 Calculate Hash

Option to generate a new key.file provided at first run or if no keyfile is detected. Keyfile needs to reside in program directory.

Directly calculate hash

Use enc_file hash file_name to calculate BLAKE3-Hash, enc_file hash_sha2_256 file_name to calculate SHA2-256-Hash, enc_file hash_sha2_512 file_name to calculate SHA2-512-Hash, enc_file hash_sha3_256 file_name to calculate SHA3-256-Hash, enc_file hash_sha3_512 file_name to calculate SHA3-512-Hash.

Example: enc_file hash ./cargo.toml -> Hash(65c3342975adeb00ec05dcfab6ccb6af877d3f996957742ec6365541546812e4)

Breaking changes:

Breaking change in Version 0.3: Changed input of some functions. To encrypt/decrypt and hash use e.g. "encrypt_chacha(readfile(example.file).unwrap(), key).unwrap()". Change to keymap to conveniently work with several keys. You can import your old keys using "Add key" -> "manually".

Breaking change in Version 0.2: Using XChaCha20Poly1305 as default encryption/decryption. AES is still available using encrypt_aes or decrypt_aes to maintain backwards compability.


Encrypt/decrypt using XChaCha20Poly1305 and random nonce

use enc_file::{encrypt_chacha, decrypt_chacha};

let text = b"This is a test"; //Plaintext to encrypt
let key: &str = "an example very very secret key."; //Key will normally be chosen from keymap and provided to the encrypt_chacha() function
let text_vec = text.to_vec(); //Convert text to Vec<u8>

//Ciphertext stores the len() of encrypted content, the nonce and the actual ciphertext using bincode
let ciphertext = encrypt_chacha(text_vec, key).unwrap(); //encrypt vec<u8>, returns result(Vec<u8>)
//let ciphertext = encrypt_chacha(read_file(example.file).unwrap(), key).unwrap(); //read a file as Vec<u8> and then encrypt 
assert_ne!(&ciphertext, &text); //Check that plaintext != ciphertext

let plaintext = decrypt_chacha(ciphertext, key).unwrap(); //Decrypt ciphertext to plaintext
assert_eq!(format!("{:?}", text), format!("{:?}", plaintext)); //Check that text == plaintext

Calculate Blake3 Hash

use enc_file::{get_blake3_hash};

let test = b"Calculating the BLAKE3 Hash of this text";
let test_vec = test.to_vec(); //Convert text to Vec<u8>
let hash1 = get_blake3_hash(test_vec.clone()).unwrap();
let hash2 = get_blake3_hash(test_vec).unwrap();
assert_eq!(hash1, hash2); //Make sure hash1 == hash2
let test2 = b"Calculating the BLAKE3 Hash of this text."; //"." added at the end
let test2_vec = test2.to_vec();
let hash3 = get_blake3_hash(test2_vec).unwrap();
assert_ne!(hash1, hash3); //check that the added "." changes the hash

To do:

  • Add encrypted map on harddrive to use several keys
  • Add main menu to guide through the process
  • Enable command-line arguments to calculate hash
  • Perhaps: Enable command-line arguments for encrpytion/decryption

Issues and feedback are highly appreciated.


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