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emoji picking tool for Linux

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1.0.0 Jun 16, 2019

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emoji-quickpick is a tool that lets you quickly pick an emoji and insert it into whereever you're typing.


Configure your window manager to run emoji-quickpick whenever you press some key combo (eg. I have it bound to Windows-E). When you run it you'll be presented with a small text box in the middle of your screen. Start typing the name of an emoji and a list of suggestions will appear. Press enter to use the top suggestion, or use the arrow keys to scroll to another suggestion. Select an emoji to close emoji-quickpick and enter the emoji into the focused application (by simulating typing it). Or otherwise press escape to cancel.


emoji-quickpick is written in Rust so you'll need the Rust compiler as well as the native dependencies: glib, cairo, pango, gdk_pixbuf, atk, gtk+ and xdotool (for libxdo).

After you have these, just install through cargo:

cargo install emoji-quickpick


Only tested on Linux and X windows. Unlikely to be compatible with anything else.




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