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ELES; Extensible Logical Expression Solver

If you have an existing parser that outputs a single boolean value and you want to add support for AND, OR, XOR, and parentheses, ELES can be of great help. For example, if you already have a system that interprets string syntax to determine/search data for a single item, and you want to support AND/OR searches for multiple items or complex conditions assembled using parentheses, ELES is the usefull library for you.


// The simplest example
fn main()
 let input = "true && (( false ^^ true && !! false )) || false";
 let literal_parser = |literal: &str| Ok(literal.parse::<bool>().unwrap_or_default());
 let r = eles::solve(&input, literal_parser);
 println!("{:?}", r);

More examples are here:

And these tests might be usefull that study usage: