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Binary authentication protocol for network connections abstracted from encryption

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Eidolon: network authentication separated from encryption

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Most of the existing network protocols providing encryption, such as TLS (or older SSL), SSH, Noise Framework combine both authentication and encryption. However, in many cases the authentication is desired to be separate from the encryption layer, which may operate with just an ephemeral keys.

Eidolon is a simple binary authentication protocol for network connections abstracted from the encryption layer, which can be combined with virtually any encryption protocols of today or a future.

The library is a part of rust cyphernet suite.


Name: eidolon
Type: Library
Kind: Free software
License: Apache-2.0
Language: Rust
Compiler: 1.65
Author: Maxim Orlovsky
Maintained: Cyphernet DAO, Switzerland
  Maxim Orlovsky:
    GitHub: @dr-orlovsky
    GPG: EAE730CEC0C663763F028A5860094BAF18A26EC9
    SSH: BoSGFzbyOKC7Jm28MJElFboGepihCpHop60nS8OoG/A
    EMail: dr@orlovsky.ch
  Alexis Sellier:
    GitHub: @cloudhead
    SSH: iTDjRHSIaoL8dpHbQ0mv+y0IQqPufGl2hQwk4TbXFlw


API reference documentation for the library can be accessed at https://docs.rs/cyphergraphy/.


The libraries are distributed on the terms of Apache 2.0 opensource license. See LICENCE file for the license details.


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