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egglog is a language that combines the benefits of equality saturation and datalog. It can be used for analysis, optimization, and synthesis of programs. It is the successor to the popular rust library egg.

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0.1.0 Oct 31, 2023

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Contains (Zip file, 4KB) vscode/eggsmol-1.0.0/eggsmol-1.0.0.vsix


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This is repo for the egglog tool accompanying the paper "Better Together: Unifying Datalog and Equality Saturation" (ACM DL, arXiv).

If you use this work, please use this citation.

See also the Python binding, which provides a bit more documentation: https://egg-smol-python.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


There is a Zulip chat about egglog here: https://egraphs.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/375765-egglog

Prerequisites & compilation

apt-get install make cargo
cargo install cargo-nextest
make all


cargo run [-f fact-path] [-naive] [--to-json] [--to-dot] [--to-svg] <files.egg>

or just

cargo run

for the REPL.

  • The --to-dot command will save a graphviz dot file at the end of the program, replacing the .egg extension with .dot.
  • The --to-svg, which requires Graphviz to be installed, will save a graphviz svg file at the end of the program, replacing the .egg extension with .svg.

VS Code plugin

There is a VS Code extension in the vscode folder. Install using 'Install from VSIX...' in the three-dot menu of the extensions tab and pick vscode/vscode/egglog.vsix.

Enhancing the VS code extension

If you want to hack on the VS Code extension, install nodejs, and make your changes in the files in the vscode/egglog-1.0.0 folder.

Then run

code vscode/egglog-1.0.0

and use F5 to run the extension in a new window. When satisfied, then install VSCE if you do not already have it:

npm install -g @vscode/vsce

Run vsce package in the vscode/egglog-1.0.0 folder to reconstruct the .vsix file and install it manually.


To run the tests use make test.


To view documentation, run cargo doc --open.

TODO migrate the following documentation to cargo doc:

Sort: i64

Signed 64-bit integers supporting these primitives:

+ - * / %           ; arithmetic
& | ^ << >> not-i64 ; bit-wise operations
< > <= >=           ; comparisons
min max log2

Sort: f64

64-bit floating point numbers supporting these primitives:

+ - * / %           ; arithmetic
< > <= >=           ; comparisons
min max neg

Sort: map

A map from a key type to a value type supporting these primitives:


Sort: rational

Rational numbers (fractions) with 64-bit precision for numerator and denominator with these primitives:

+ - * /         ; arithmetic
min max neg abs floor ceil round
rational        ; construct from a numerator and denominator
numer denom     ; get numerator and denominator
pow log sqrt
< > <= >=       ; comparisons

These primitives are only defined when the result itself is a pure rational.

Sort: string

Use double quotes to get a quote: "Foo "" Bar" is Foo " Bar. No primitives defined.


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