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Peripheral access API for Silicon Labs EFM32PG1B microcontrollers

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0.2.5 Apr 16, 2024
0.2.4 Apr 14, 2024
0.2.2 Feb 17, 2024
0.2.1 Nov 18, 2023
0.1.0 Mar 7, 2020

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EFM32PG1B Peripheral Access Crate (PAC)

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Low-level register mappings for the Silicon Labs EFM32PG1B family of ARM Cortex-M4 microcontrollers, written in Rust. The code is generated automatically from a vendor-supplied SVD file, using svd2rust v0.33.0:

svd2rust -i EFM32PG1B.svd -c svd2rust.toml
rm -rf src
form -i lib.rs -o src/ && rm lib.rs
cargo fmt

The purpose of this crate is to give embedded programs or libraries written Rust access to the complete functionality of EFM32PG1B MCUs.

The SVD file used is based on all the files in the EFM32PG1B CMSIS-Pack. The only differences between them are the <name>, <description> and <flashSize> field values. Here are the flash sizes for each MCU:

EFM32PG1B flashSize
100F128GM32 0x20000
100F128IM32 0x20000
100F256GM32 0x40000
100F256IM32 0x40000
200F128GM32 0x20000
200F128GM48 0x20000
200F128IM32 0x20000
200F256GM32 0x40000
200F256GM48 0x40000
200F256IM32 0x40000
200F256IM48 0x40000

The flashSize value used in the source EFM32PG1B.svd file was set to the lowest value (0x20000).

The ASYNC (Asynchronous Reflex) field for all Channel Control Registers of the Clock Management Unit has been renamed to ASYNCREFL because svd2rust converted it to async, which is a rust keyword, and caused compilation errors.


SVD files are available in the EFM32PG1B CMSIS-Pack.

Additional vendor supplied documents:


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