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CLI tool to get data URI of a file.



Duri is written in Rust, so you can install it from crates.io:

cargo install duri


  • Read from file path:

    duri image.png
  • Read from standard input:

    echo image.png | duri -
  • To see more option, run with --help:

    duri --help

Use cases

Assume that you need to upload file to a RESTful HTTP API. The HTTP API may require posted data to be JSON string and the file content to be in form of base64-encoded data URI.

You can combine Duri with jo to build JSON, like:

jo -d. file.name=image.png file.content=$(duri image.png)

then pass to a CLI HTTP client, like HTTPie:

jo -d. file.name=image.png file.content=$(duri image.png) | http example-api.vn/ekyc/

The duri + jo combo will generate a JSON like

  "file": {
    "name": "image.png",
    "content": "..."

The string is passed to HTTPie via standard input and HTTPie will build a POST request with that JSON data.

Note that, if your HTTP API requires file to be in plain base64 string, not beginning with data:xxx, you don't need Duri. In that case, just use jo alone, with its % modifier:

jo -d. file.name=image.png file.content=%image.png | http example-api.vn/ekyc/



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