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nightly app dots-and-boxes

Dots and Boxes classic pen and paper game implemented in sdl2-rust

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0.1.0 Jun 6, 2022

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This piece of software aims to be a very simple, but correct, implementation of Dots and Boxes, a simple paper-and-pencil game.

I did it using The Rust Programming Language, SDL2 library and rust-sdl2, which implements safe bindings of SDL2.


There's lots of things to do. I don't even know exactly what to do next. But I'll try.

  • Convert workarounds in correctly written and well reasoned lines of code
  • Add a CLI interface to change game settings, which are hardcoded now
  • Decouple game and graphics implementations, without having to do workarounds
  • Find more things to do


Licensed under the MIT license.


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