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0.1.4 Mar 10, 2021

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GitHub Workflow Status (branch) crate license


Install via Cargo:

cargo install dotm

Install via Homebrew:

brew install ysdexlic/formulae/dot


  • Write tests

  • Error handling

    • Add error when config file isn't set
    • Fix repeated use of printing the "No .dotrc found" error
    • Find out best error handling practices
    • Return pretty errors
  • Add github actions to build binary

    • Add binary to releases
  • Release on homebrew

    • Automate homebrew update PRs (mislav/bump-homebrew-formula-action)
  • Don't copy pesky system files like .DS_Store (done by only symlinking non dotted files)

    • Seems to still be happening for nested dotfiles - i.e. something/something/.DS_Store
  • Copy folders/files recursively

    • Don't make a symlink for the file, instead make the directories and only symlink the file
  • Add bootstrapping feature (run bootstrap executables)

    • Fix bootstrapping complaining when multiple dotfile dirs and one doesn't have the bootstrap repo
  • Add ability to have pre/post hooks

  • Add ability to have host or tag specific files

  • Add regex file exclusions

  • Add init command to create a new dotfile repo

  • Add clone command to wrap git & pull

    • When cloning, prompt to bootstrap
    • When cloning, prompt to add any tags
      • Go through all files and prompt to install any tags that are present
  • Add down command to remove symlinks created by dot

    • Down command should remove empty folders created by dot
  • Add list command to list symlinks created by dot

  • Save last state after upping

  • Consolidate with previous state to clean when upping

    • Clean should remove empty folders created by dot


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