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Rust-friendly wrapper for Dokan (user mode file system library for Windows)

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Dokan is a user mode file system for Windows. It allows anyone to safely and easily develop new file systems on Windows.

This crate is a Rust-friendly wrapper for Dokan, allowing you to create file systems using Rust. It builds upon the low-level dokan-sys crate.

In general, to create a file system with this library, you need to implement the FileSystemHandler trait, create a FileSystemMounter, and mount it to create a FileSystem. When dropped, the latter will block the current thread until it gets unmounted. You have to call init once before, and shutdown when you're done.

The same explanations with a few lines of code: see the MemFS example!

Please note that some of the constants from Win32 API that might be used when interacting with this crate are not provided directly here. However, you can easily find them in the winapi crate.