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Simple markdown to HTML documentation rendering. Docket aims to be a Rust clone of d.

Key Features

  • Binary which can be installed with cargo install
  • Command line argument parsing with Docopt
  • Markdown rendering with pulldown-cmark.
  • Syntax highlighting with Syntect.
  • Javascript powered search.
  • Zero-configuration.


Docket can be installed with cargo via cargo install docket. Once installed you should be able to run it form the command line as docket.

Docket has two Cargo features which are enabled by default. You can disable them with --no-default-features when installing if you don't need them to save some time.

  • watch - Support for watching files and re-generating the output folder when changes are made.
  • par_render - Support for rendering pages in parallel using the Rayon crate.

Getting Started

To begin creating your documentation create a new docs/ folder at the root of your repository. Add a file called index.md with a short markdown description of the project. Add pages by creating new markdown files in the docs/ folder. Each page should have a level-1 heading at the beginning which is treated as the title of the page.

To render the HTML output change to the docs/ folder and run docket. This should create a new docs/build/ folder containing the rendered site; ready to be published to a web-server or served with GitHub Pages. For more information about setup and configuration check out the docs.


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