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Djot rendering CLI based on the djr crate

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Perhaps the fastest Djot parser ever?

Djot is a light markup syntax. It derives most of its features from commonmark, but it fixes a few things that make commonmark's syntax complex and difficult to parse efficiently. It is also much fuller-featured than commonmark, with support for definition lists, footnotes, tables, several new kinds of inline formatting (insert, delete, highlight, superscript, subscript), math, smart punctuation, attributes that can be applied to any element, and generic containers for block-level, inline-level, and raw content.

djr is a Djot parser written in Rust. This repo holds the binary that let's you use djr from the command line. The full library is hosted on Sourcehut.

NOTE: djr is not finished yet, which means this repo does not do much. If you want to help out, send me a mail through the djr development mailing list: djr-dev.


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