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A Discord dice roller bot with alias management

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0.7.1 Sep 13, 2020
0.7.0 Sep 11, 2020

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A Discord bot that rolls RPG dices, with aliases management, written in Rust.


You need to host the bot yourself.

  • Create an application on Discord https://discord.com/developers/applications
  • Create a bot
  • On your bot server, set an environment variable named DISCORD_TOKEN with the bot's token.
  • Run the bot
  • In https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=CLIENTID&scope=bot, replace CLIENTID with the value of your application Client ID (in "General Information).
  • Go the this modified URL and allow the bot to your Discord's server.



Type /help to get all the available help and /help <command> to get help on the command.

Roll basics

(or "/r" for short)
rolls x dices of y sides

+ - / * : modifiers
e#  : Explode value
ie# or !# : Indefinite explode value
K#  : Keeping # highest (upperacse "K")
k#  : Keeping # lowest (lowercase "k")
D#  : Dropping the highest (uppercase "D")
d#  : Dropping the lowest (lowercase "d")
r#  : Reroll if <= value
ir# : Indefinite reroll if <= value
t#  : Target value to be a success

f#  : Value under which it is count as failure

:  : Any text after `:` will be a comment

See the underlying crate caith's Readme for the full syntax


Aliases can be set per channel and per user. Basically, they store some expression and can be called instead of a dice command. Imagine the alias FS has been setup to be 1d6! - 1d6!. You can then do:

/r $FS
> Geob roll: [6][4] - [5] Result: 5

Global Aliases

Global aliases are accessible to all the user in the channel.

You can set a global alias:

/alias setg fs 1d6ie6 - 1d6ie6
> Alias `$FS` set

/r $FS
> Geob roll: [4] - [5] Result: -1

You can delete a global alias:

/alias delg fs

Global aliases are turned uppercase in order to distinguish them from user's aliases when using them.

Only the server's owner, user with Administrator permission and specifically allowed users can manage global aliases.

To allow user to tamper with the global aliases:

/alias allow @User<Tab> @User2<Tab>
/alias disallow @User<Tab> @User2<Tab>

It is important to use the Tab key to complete the user to get the mention.

Once in the list, the user can add/delete global aliases without having Administrator permission.

User's Aliases

Each user can set their own alias only accessible by them:

/alias set att d20
/r $att
> Geob roll: [11] Result: 11

Users aliases are turn to lowercase to avoid conflict with global ones.

Aliases Expansion

When setting an alias, you can use aliases. Global aliases can only use other global aliases and users can refer to either their own aliases or global ones:

/alias setg ATT d20
/alias set att $ATT + 4
/r att
> Geob roll: [12] + 4 Result: 16

Alias expansion occurs on use. So you can do things like that:

/alias setg ATT d20
/alias set att_bonus +4
/alias set att $ATT $att_bonus
/r att
> Geob roll: [11] +4 Result: 15
/alias set att_bonus +5
/r att
> Geob roll: [11] +5 Result: 16

Redefining att_bonus has an impact on $att.

Global alias can reference a user alias:

/alias setg DAG d20 + $dagger

but on calling the alias, if the user don't have $dagger defined or if a cycle occurs, you'll get an error.

Of course, if you go messy and delete aliases referenced in others, you'll end with alias not found errors on use.


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