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Terminal disk space visual navigator

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How does it work?

Given a path on your hard-drive (which could also be the root path, eg. /). diskonaut scans it and indexes its metadata to memory so that you could explore its contents (even while still scanning!).

Once completed, you can navigate through subfolders, getting a visual treemap representation of what's taking up your disk space. You can even delete files or folders and diskonaut will track how much space you've freed up in this session.


Download a prebuilt binary

If you're using linux, you can check out the "releases" of this repository to download the latest prebuilt binary.

With cargo (linux / macOS / windows)

cargo install diskonaut


sudo dnf install diskonaut

For older Fedora releases and CentOS available in COPR:

sudo dnf copr enable atim/diskonaut -y
sudo dnf install diskonaut

Arch Linux

Available in the AUR:

yay diskonaut


Available through the following overlay as sys-fs/diskonaut:


Nix / NixOS

Available in nixpkgs:

$ nix-env --install diskonaut
$ # (Or using the attribute name, which is also diskonaut.)


Available in freshports:

pkg install diskonaut


Available in Homebrew

brew install diskonaut

Also available in nixpkgs: see Nix section for more details.

Supported platforms

Right now diskonaut supports linux, macos and windows.


Either start diskonaut in the folder you want to scan, or provide it with the folder you'd like to scan as an argument:

$ diskonaut /home/aram


Contributions of any kind are very much welcome. If you think diskonaut is cool and you'd like to hack at it, feel free to look through the issues. Take a look especially at ones marked "help wanted" or "good first issue". Also, if you found a bug or have an idea for a new feature, please feel free to open an issue to discuss it.

For more detailed information, please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file at the root of this repository.

If at any point you feel stuck, are unsure how to begin or what to work on, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally: aram@poor.dev




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