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Dioxus TUI

Beautiful terminal user interfaces in Rust with Dioxus .

Leverage React-like patterns, CSS, HTML, and Rust to build beautiful, portable, terminal user interfaces with Dioxus.

fn app() -> Element {
        div {
            width: "100%",
            height: "10px",
            background_color: "red",
            justify_content: "center",
            align_items: "center",
            "Hello world!"

demo app


You can use Html-like semantics with inline styles, tree hierarchy, components, and more in your text-based user interface (TUI) application.

Dioxus TUI is essentially a port of Ink but for Rust and Dioxus. Dioxus TUI doesn't depend on Node.js or any other JavaScript runtime, so your binaries are portable and beautiful.


  • Subset of Html Terminals can only render a subset of HTML. We support as much as we can.
  • Particular frontend design Terminals and browsers are and look different. Therefore, the same design might not be the best to cover both renderers.


WARNING: Dioxus TUI is currently under construction!

Rendering a VirtualDom works fine, but the ecosystem of hooks is not yet ready. Additionally, some bugs in the flexbox implementation might be quirky at times.


Dioxus TUI features:

  • Flexbox-based layout system
  • CSS selectors
  • inline CSS support
  • Built-in focusing system
  • Widgets1
  • Support for events, hooks, and callbacks2
  • Html tags3

1 Currently only a subset of the input element is implemented as a component (not an element). The Input component supports sliders, text, numbers, passwords, buttons, and checkboxes. 2 Basic keyboard, mouse, and focus events are implemented. 3 Currently, most HTML tags don't translate into any meaning inside of Dioxus TUI. So an input element won't mean anything nor does it have any additional functionality.


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