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YAML interface for Dynamic Programming Description Language (DyPDL) and DyPDL solvers

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didp-yaml is a YAML interface for DyPDL modeling and solvers.


For the syntax of the DyPDL-YAML and the solver configuration, see the user guide


First, install Rust following the instruction on the official webpage: https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install

Next, install didp-yaml.

cargo install didp-yaml

Run the Solver

didp-yaml domain.yaml problem.yaml config.yaml

Here, domain.yaml is the domain file for the problem, problem.yaml is the problem file for the problem, and config.yaml is the configuration file for a solver.

There are some examples in examples. For example, you can test the CABS solver on TSPTW, CVRP, SALBP-1, bin packing, MOSP, and graph clear.

didp-yaml tsptw/tsptw-domain.yaml tsptw/tsptw-Dumas-n20w20.001.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml
didp-yaml cvrp/cvrp-domain.yaml cvrp/cvrp-E-n13-k4.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml
didp-yaml salbp-1/salbp-1-domain.yaml salbp-1/salbp-1-small-1.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml
didp-yaml bin-packing/bin-packing-domain.yaml bin-packing/bin-packing-Falkenauer_T_t60_00.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml
didp-yaml mosp/mosp-domain.yaml mosp/mosp-GP1.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml
didp-yaml graph-clear/graph-clear-domain.yaml graph-clear/graph-clear-planar20-1.yaml solvers/cabs.yaml


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