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A program to easily collect and maintain your dotfiles, with git integration

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A small Rust program for organizing your dotfiles.

Running dfile add <FILES> (accepts glob patterns) will attempt to track the FILES via Git, at your $DOTFILE_PATH directory, creating it if it doesn't exist.

Running dfile remove <FILES> (also accepts glob patterns) will stop tracking and remove the listed files from the Git repo. Input paths like /etc/pacman.conf (original file locations).

Running dfile list will display all currently tracked files.

Running dfile push will attempt to add, commit, and push all changes in the dotfile directory to a remote repo, setting one up if none exists.

Running dfile restore [<FILES>] will copy your tracked files back to their original locations. If no files are listed, it will copy all of them. Running this command without a $DOTFILE_PATH Git repo set up will prompt you to clone a repo first.

You can also run Git command from your $DOTFILE_PATH by running dfile git -- <SUBCOMMANDS>.

Run dfile --help and dfile <SUBCOMMAND> --help for all this information.


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