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Duplicate filename counter - a program to count the number occurances of duplicate filenames within a directory structure

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dfc - duplicate filename counter

dfc is a command-line utility useful for counting the number of files within a directory structure which have the same name.

This is useful for finding potential duplicate files quickly within a structure without looking at file sizes or hashing the files, meaning it can run over vastly more files much faster and without as much RAM usage.


dfc <file path> <depth>

<file path> The directory in which to start looking for duplicate filenames.
<depth>     The level of recursion, i.e. the depth of subdirectories to search.


Diagnostic and error messages will be printed to STDERR. Once processing is fully completed, a report containing a line for each unique filename, and a number representing the number of times that filename was found within the directory structure will be printed to STDOUT. A summary is also produced, with the count of unique, duplicate and total files. This report is also printed to STDOUT.


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