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A library to manange files that depend on each other, and rebuild them as necessary, like a makefile

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Makefile-style build of native stuff, for use in build.rs. Checks modified times on output and input files, and then runs operation if there are changes to input files.


This example builds object files from assembly using yasm when the assembly files change.

extern crate depgraph;
use std::path::Path;
use std::{fs, env};
use std::process::Command;

fn build_assembly(out: &Path, deps: &[&Path]) -> Result<(), String> {
    // Make sure the folder we're going to output to exists.
    let out_dir = out.parent().unwrap();

    // Run the command with correct argument order
    Command::new("yasm").args(&["-f", "elf64", "-o"]).arg(out).args(deps)
    // Everything went ok so we return Ok(()). Instead of panicking, we could
    // have returned an error message and handled it in main.

fn main() {
    // Get the directory we should put files in.
    let out_dir = env::var("OUT_DIR").unwrap();
    let out_dir = Path::new(&out_dir);
    // Create the graph builder
    let graph = depgraph::DepGraphBuilder::new()
    // Add a rule to build an object file from an asm file using the build
    // script in `build_assembly`.
    // Build the graph, internally this checks for cyclic dependencies.
    // Run the necessary build scripts in the correct order.


  1. Preserve dependency order
  2. Automated tests
  3. More generics (not sure if this would add anything)
  4. Optimizations (again not sure this would add anything)


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