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deno_runtime crate

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This is a slim version of the Deno CLI which removes typescript integration and various tooling (like lint and doc). Basically only JavaScript execution with Deno's operating system bindings (ops).


This crate is built using battle-tested modules that were originally in deno crate, however the API of this crate is subject to rapid and breaking changes.


The main API of this crate is MainWorker. MainWorker is a structure encapsulating deno_core::JsRuntime with a set of ops used to implement Deno namespace.

When creating a MainWorker implementors must call MainWorker::bootstrap to prepare JS runtime for use.

MainWorker is highly configurable and allows to customize many of the runtime's properties:

  • module loading implementation
  • error formatting
  • support for source maps
  • support for V8 inspector and Chrome Devtools debugger
  • HTTP client user agent, CA certificate
  • random number generator seed

Worker Web API

deno_runtime comes with support for Worker Web API. The Worker API is implemented using WebWorker structure.

When creating a new instance of MainWorker implementors must provide a callback function that is used when creating a new instance of Worker.

All WebWorker instances are descendents of MainWorker which is responsible for setting up communication with child worker. Each WebWorker spawns a new OS thread that is dedicated solely to that worker.


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