Cargo Features

deno_runtime has no features set by default.

deno_runtime = { version = "0.147.0", features = ["docsrs", "exclude_runtime_main_js", "include_js_files_for_snapshotting", "only_snapshotted_js_sources"] }

"fake" feature that allows to generate docs on


A feature that allows excluding ./js/99_main.js from the exported extension.

include_js_files_for_snapshotting only_snapshotted_js_sources?

A feature that disables embedding of the JavaScript source files in the binary.
With this feature enabled, the sources must be consumed during build time,
by creating a startup snapshot.

Enables include_js_files_for_snapshotting of deno_core

Affects js::PATH_FOR_99_MAIN_JS

only_snapshotted_js_sources = include_js_files_for_snapshotting

Signal that only snapshotted JS sources should be used. This will conditionally exclude the runtime source transpilation logic, and add an assertion that a snapshot is provided.