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EKO is a Python module to solve the DGLAP equations in N-space in terms of Evolution Kernel Operators in x-space.


EKO is available via

  • PyPI: PyPI
pip install eko
  • conda-forge: Conda Version
conda install eko


If you want to install from source you can run

git clone git@github.com:N3PDF/eko.git
cd eko
poetry install

To setup poetry, and other tools, see Contribution Guidelines.


  • The documentation is available here: Docs
  • To build the documentation from source install graphviz and run in addition to the installation commands
poe docs

Tests and benchmarks

  • To run unit test you can do
poe tests
  • Benchmarks of specific part of the code, such as the strong coupling or msbar masses running, are available doing
poe bench
  • The complete list of benchmarks with external codes is available through ekomark: documentation

Citation policy

When using our code please cite

  • our DOI: DOI
  • our paper: arXiv


  • Your feedback is welcome! If you want to report a (possible) bug or want to ask for a new feature, please raise an issue: GitHub issues
  • If you need help, for installation, usage, or anything related, feel free to open a new discussion in the "Support" section
  • Please follow our Code of Conduct and read the Contribution Guidelines


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