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Deface is a lightweight and fast markup language similar to markdown. It shares most of the same syntax, but it plays fast and loose with some of the rules


Run deface example.md to see this first hand

![img alt text](./image_location.png)

{anchor-points} can be created and [linked to](#anchor-points)

# Headers are the same as markdown

> Lines starting with `>` 
> are blockquotes

- Unordered
- Lists
- Use Dashes

1. And ordered
23. lists use numbers
1234. (any numbers!)

<html> can be directly embedded. Any line starting with `<` is skipped by the parser </html>
=== horizontal rule


Download and install the Rust toolchain

Install from crates.io

cargo install deface

Command line arguments:

deface <input file> ...

Input files are markup files (default extension ".md"), and will be translated into an HTML file. Multiple input files can be provided, like so

deface README.md index.md resume.md about.md