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Tag songs based on their ISRC using Deezer API

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Deezer ISRC automatic file tagger

deezer-isrc-tagger is a command line utility to tag audio files using the Deezer API with ISRC lookup. It will keep the existing metadata unless --clear is passed, in which case it will remove all metadata except encoding information such as encoding library.

The file has to be already tagged with the ISRC, or it can be provided as a command line argument --isrc.

deezer-isrc-tagger tries to find ISRC conflicts - some songs on Deezer with the same ISRC appear in multiple albums. If that happens you will be prompted to choose the album to use.

deezer-isrc-tagger can automatically rename the file to $MAIN_ARTISTS - $TITLE [$YEAR] if the --rename flag is passed. Some filenames might be not allowed on specific filesystems, which is why the following chars are changed:

  • * to ,
  • \ to ,
  • : to ,
  • " to ,
  • < to ,
  • > to ,
  • | to ,
  • ? to ,
  • / to .

The behaviour is emulating using rclone encoding flag Asterisk,BackSlash,Colon,DoubleQuote,LtGt,Pipe,Question,Slash

For example usage run deezer-isrc-tagger -h

Qobuz ISRC lookup

Files bought from Qobuz sometimes come without ISRCs embedded inside. deezer-isrc-tagger can look them up if provided with an album ID or a link. If there's more than one song on the album, the user will be prompted to select the correct one.

A valid Qobuz API Application ID is required for that. Qobuz does not seem to provide API keys for open source applications, so the end user will have to get one on their own.

To use the album lookup add a flag --qobuz-lookup 123 https://www.qobuz.com/nl-nl/album/some-url/ABC12345 or --qobuz-lookup 123 ABC12345 where 123 is the Application ID and the second string is either the album URL or ID.

Qobuz ISRC lookup takes priority over --isrc and embedded ISRC tag.


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