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Double operation in Galois Field (GF)

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RustCrypto: Utilities Project Chat dependency status

This repository contains various utility crates used in the RustCrypto project.


Name crates.io Docs Description
base64ct crates.io Documentation Constant-time encoder and decoder of several Base64 variants
blobby crates.io Documentation Decoder of the simple de-duplicated binary blob storage format
block-buffer crates.io Documentation Fixed size buffer for block processing of data
block‑padding crates.io Documentation Padding and unpadding of messages divided into blocks
collectable crates.io Documentation Fallible, no_std-friendly collection traits
const-oid crates.io Documentation Const-friendly implementation of the ISO/IEC Object Identifier (OID) standard as defined in ITU X.660
cpufeatures crates.io Documentation Lightweight and efficient alternative to the is_x86_feature_detected! macro
crypto‑bigint crates.io Documentation Big integer library for cryptographic applciations
dbl crates.io Documentation Double operation in Galois Field (GF)
der crates.io Documentation Decoder and encoder of the Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) for Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) as described in ITU X.690
hex-literal crates.io Documentation Procedural macro for converting hexadecimal string to byte array at compile time
opaque-debug crates.io Documentation Macro for opaque Debug trait implementation
pem-rfc7468 crates.io Documentation Strict PEM encoding for PKIX/PKCS/CMS objects
pkcs1 crates.io Documentation Implementation of PKCS#1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.2 (RFC 8017)
pkcs5 crates.io Documentation Implementation of PKCS#5: Password-Based Cryptography Specification Version 2.1 (RFC 8018)
pkcs8 crates.io Documentation Implementation of PKCS#8(v2): Private-Key Information Syntax Specification (RFC 5208) and asymmetric key packages (RFC 5958)
spki crates.io Documentation X.509 Subject Public Key Info (RFC 5280 Section 4.1) describing public keys as well as their associated AlgorithmIdentifiers (i.e. OIDs)
x509 crates.io Documentation Implementation of the X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate format as described in RFC 5280


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