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A minimal date formatting library. For if you don't need any fancy stuff.

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A small string date library written in Rust, for Rust

NOTE: DateStr subtraction and add work weird, since all months have 31 days, so use them carefully

An easy crate for using and formatting dates. Works with ISO-8601 formatted dates by default, but you can format your dates with a custom formatter.

Main struct

The main struct of this crate is the DateStr struct. By default and as of now, it only accepts a date in ISO-8601 format. In the near future you will be able to pass any date formatted however you like, as long as you provide a DateFormat.

The DateFormat struct is responsible for parsing dates when they are in non-ISO fromat. Only works for output at the moment.


  • Date from custom format.
  • Check if month has correct day number. For example a date not beig the 31st of February
  • Better implementations of Add and Sub traits for DateStr
  • Better README
  • Implement unix epoch, maybe from std::time

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