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Generate massive amounts of fake (but realistic) data for testing and development.

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Try using our playground for your data gen needs, it supports code gen for much more than rust and javascript.

Docs (WIP)


  • Defaults data types - numbers, lorem ipsum, bools, uuids
  • People - generate names, emails, jobs
  • Locations - generate addresses for north america (more coming soon), and coordinates
  • Various media - games, show, and books from across the globe
  • API data - generate data resembling real apis (ex. stripe)

Note: We try to generate realistic data. The generated names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, and/or other data might be coincidentally valid information. Please do not send any of your messages / calls to them from your test setup.

Usage Rust

cargo add data-faking
use data_faking as faking;

fn main() {
  println!("{}", faking::defaults::types::f64());

Usage Javascript / Typescript

npm i --save-dev data-faking
import * as faking from "data-faking";


Randomness seed

If you want consistent results, you can set your own seed:

println!("{}", faking::defaults::types::f64());

Unsupported Seeded Generation

The following data generators do not support seeded generation:


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