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Tool to generate a HTML page of Dash snippets so they can shared

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Uses old Rust 2015

1.1.0 Feb 5, 2020
1.0.1 Dec 20, 2015

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html2dash — Publish your Dash snippets online

html2dash is a tool that generates a HTML file from your Dash snippets.


dash2html is written in Rust. If you don't already have the Rust toolchain installed visit the Rust homepage and click the Install button.

Once you have Rust installed run the following to install the dash2html tool:

cargo install dash2html

Ensure $HOME/.cargo/bin is in your PATH.


dash2html generates a HTML page that includes all snippets tagged with public tag. Run it as follows:

dash2html ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dash/library.dash > ~/Desktop/dash-snippets.html

Substitute the path to library.dash with the location of your snippets library if you have moved it in the Dash preferences. If you're unsure where your snippets library is located check the Snippets tab in the Dash preferences.


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