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app daily_scry

Post random scryfall image to mastodon, telegram or stdout

4 stable releases

1.2.0 Apr 1, 2024
1.1.1 Mar 12, 2024
1.1.0 Feb 28, 2024
1.0.0 Feb 27, 2024

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MIT license



This bot allows you to post a random image from Scryfall to an array of services e.g Mastodon, Telegram or locally.

Posts of this bot can be found at



Run cargo install daily_scry

binary release

You can download the latest release form the release page.


  1. git clone https://github.com/DerMolly/DailyScry.git
  2. cargo build --release


Post random scryfall image to mastodon, telegram or stdout

Usage: daily_scry [OPTIONS]

  -v, --verbose...  Increase logging verbosity
  -q, --quiet...    Decrease logging verbosity
      --mastodon    Post to mastodon
      --telegram    Post to telegram
      --dry-run     Run the command without posting anything
  -h, --help        Print help
  -V, --version     Print version

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Philip Molares <philip.molares@udo.edu>


environment variable description
DAILY_SCRY_MASTODON_URL The url of the mastodon instance, where your account is hosted.
DAILY_SCRY_MASTODON_ACCESS_TOKEN The access token for your application.
DAILY_SCRY_TELEGRAM_TOKEN The telegram bot token you can get from @BotFather
DAILY_SCRY_TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID The chat id where the bot should post its message. This can be determinded with @username_to_id_bot
DAILY_SCRY_IGNORED_ORACLE_IDS List of oracle_ids that should be ignored and not be randomly selected. Items should be seperated by ,


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