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Cyl is a high-level cryptographic signing CLI tool

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0.3.1 Jan 5, 2024
0.3.0 Jan 25, 2023

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Cylinder provides a simple and practical cryptographic signing and verification API for Rust projects. By building upon other cryptographic crates (such as secp256k1), Cylinder avoids implementing any cryptography directly.

Features include:

  • A Signer API for generating a signature by signing bytes with a private key
  • A Verifier API for verifying a signature for a given message and public key
  • A secp256k1 implementation of the Signer and Verifier APIs
  • Functions for finding and loading keys in a consistent manner
  • Support for Cylinder-compatible JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

Using Cylinder

The following resources are available for Cylinder:

Projects using Cylinder

The following projects are currently using Cylinder:


Cylinder is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.


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