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cts-rs is a CLI tool designed to interface with AWS Control Tower. It provides capabilities to read AWS Control Tower statuses of your dedicated payer account using the RUST AWS SDK

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0.1.4-alpha May 8, 2024
0.1.3-alpha May 8, 2024
0.1.2 May 5, 2024
0.1.1 May 4, 2024
0.1.0 May 4, 2024

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A command line utility using the AWS Rust SDK to get all the available information for your AWS Control Tower setup.

  • Auth via aws creds before using.
  • Use an organzation ARN that is not the root OU.



  • Support all read operations of AWS Control Tower Rust SDK
  • Table, json or text output
  • List Accounts enrolled in AWS Control Tower
  • List OUs enrolled in AWS Control Tower
  • Tests all functions
  • Help menu
  • Paging results (Less/More)
  • Command line input
    • Initial OU prompt at startup
  • Output color formatting
  • TBD


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