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A simple tool for replacing data in CSV columns with regular expressions

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✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

0.1.0 Mar 29, 2019

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A simple tool for replacing data in CSV columns with regular expressions.


csvre [options] --column=COLUMN <regex> <replacement>
csvre (-h | --help)
csvre --version



    Regular expression used for matching.

    For syntax documentation, see

    Some information about unicode handling can be found from


    Replacement string.

    You can reference named capture groups in the regex with $name and
    ${name} syntax. You can also use integers to reference capture
    groups with $0 being the whole match, $1 the first group and so on.

    If a capture group is not valid (name does not exist or index is
    invalid), it is replaced with the empty string.

    To insert a literal $, use $$.


-h, --help

    Show this message.


    Show the version number.

-d DELIM, --delimiter=DELIM

    Field delimiter. This is used for both input and output.
    [default: ,]

-c COLUMN, --column=COLUMN

    Which column to operate on.

    You can either use the column name or zero based index. If
    you specify --no-headers, then you can only use the index

-n, --no-headers

    The input does not have a header row.

    If you use this option, you can do matching against the first
    row of input.

-b, --bytes

    Don't assume utf-8 input, work on raw bytes instead.

    See https://docs.rs/regex/1.1.2/regex/bytes/index.html#syntax
    for differences to the normal matching rules.


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