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app crunch64-cli

A utility for compressing/decompressing files with common n64 formats

3 unstable releases

0.3.1 Jan 21, 2024
0.3.0 Jan 19, 2024
0.2.0 Dec 28, 2023

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MIT license



C bindings

This library provides bindings to call this library from C code. They are available on the releases tab.

To build said bindings from source, enable the c_bindings Rust feature:

cargo build --lib --features c_bindings

Headers are located at c_bindings/include.

Windows executables

Due to Rust requirements, linking the C bindings of this library when building a C program adds extra library dependencies. Those libraries are the following:

-lws2_32 -lntdll -lbcrypt -ladvapi32 -luserenv

Python bindings

This library provides bindings to call this library from Python code. The recommended way to install this library is via PyPI (Check out this project at PyPI https://pypi.org/project/crunch64/):

python3 -m pip install -U crunch64

Development version

The development version is located in the Github repository. In case the user wants to get the latest and unreleased features then they can install the repo directly.

Please note building the Python version from source requires the Rust toolchain and the maturin Python package.

The recommended way to install a locally cloned repo is by using pip.

python3 -m pip install ./lib

In case you want to mess with the latest development version without wanting to clone the repository, then you could use the following commands:

python3 -m pip uninstall crunch64
python3 -m pip install "git+https://github.com/decompals/crunch64.git#egg=crunch64&subdirectory=lib"

NOTE: Installing the development version is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. Proceed at your own risk.

Versioning and changelog

This library follows Semantic Versioning.

To see what changed on each release check either the CHANGELOG.md file or check the releases page on Github. You can also use this link to check the latest release.



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