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0.1.0 Apr 17, 2019

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(crate information)

A handy CLI for the crates.io API


  • Colorful, condensed & parseable output
  • Show crate information
  • Search for crates
  • Show crates summary
  • User configuration file (in TOML)
    • Manage custom lists of crates

Planned features

  • improved search
    • filter by keyword & category
    • sort alphabetically or by downloads
    • choose the page and results per page
  • show dependencies
  • show version list
    • download any version
  • customize colors

Usage examples

Show Crate Information

$ crin show regex-syntax

# If you want to show the number of reverse dependencies  use `-r` or `--reverse`:
$ crin show -r regex-syntax

# If you want the full list of reverse dependencies use `-rr` or `--reverse --reverse`:
$ crin show  -rr regex-syntax
$ crin search network


$ crin summary

# More details on new crates
$ crin summary new


$ crin list                      # show your existing lists
$ crin list new devlist          # create a new list named 'devlist'
$ crin list add devlist reqwest  # add the crate to your list
$ crin list add devlist clap     # add another crate
$ crin list show devlist -i      # show information about each crate
$ crin list rem devlist clap     # remove the crate from your list

$ crin list help                 # for more...


$ crin help
$ crin help crate
$ crin help summary new
$ crin help list


$ cargo install crin


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