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Creed - Extensible Database Abstraction Layer Library

Creed is a Database Abstraction Layer for Rust for SQL databases with built-in drivers for the most popular RDBMS (mysql, postgresql, sqlite) and with extensibility in mind, which means that you can always use a custom driver for a currently unsupported db engine or even for your custom database engine.

A DSN (connection string) can be used to set all the connection options, meaning that changing a simple environment variable is sufficient to switch the whole DB driver.

Connection examples

use creed::{Connection, Result};
async fn connect_database(dsn: &str) -> Result<Connection> {
    let connection = Connection::create_from_dsn(dsn, None, None)?;

connect_database("postgresql://postgres@localhost:5432/database_name"); // Will connect to postgres
connect_database("mysql://root@localhost:3306/my_database"); // Will connect to mysql

Schema Manager

Creed is built with a schema manager system which helps you to reliably maintain a database on multiple RDBMS. platform::DatabasePlatform and schema::SchemaManager traits are built to help you to write platform-independent code to generate correct SQL queries and schema DDL commands on different platforms.

Event Dispatcher

Events are used to allow you to intercept and handle complex operations such as executing a set of defined queries on connection or generate custom SQL when an ALTER TABLE is issued by the schema manager. See EventDispatcher for further information.


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