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Generate initial file structure of Roblox projects

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This tool creates the initial structure of a new project by generating the various configuration files needed for the tools you use.

In a single command, setup a project configured to use:


This project can be install using cargo

cargo install create-roblox-project


create-roblox-project has a help command that should make it easy to figure out how to the other commands works.

For generic help and a list of the available commands:

create-roblox-project help

For specific help about a command:

create-roblox-project help <enter command name>
# example with the 'create' command:
create-roblox-project help create

Each command also have a help parameter:

create-roblox-project <enter command name> --help
# example with the 'create' command:
create-roblox-project create --help


This command is why this tool exists. First of all, choose the name of the project you want to create. Let's say we pick CoolStuff. Run the following command and see what happens:

create-roblox-project create CoolStuff

A new directory named cool-stuff has been created, let's open it with Visual Studio Code to look at what create-roblox-project has generated:

code CoolStuff # open VSCode from the command line

Generated files

You can see that a git repository was generated with a README, multiple configuration files, helper scripts and a src directory.

Currently, create-roblox-project only supports generating library templates. In the future, it can easily be extended to support new types of project, like a plugin or a place.

Including Features

You plan on open sourcing your project and want to add an MIT license? You can customize the create command to automatically add one:

create-roblox-project create CoolStuff --include mit-license

Excluding Features

You're not using Remodel? You can disable that feature simply by excluding the feature:

create-roblox-project create CoolStuff --exclude remodel

Not ready to use Foreman? You can disable it too:

create-roblox-project create CoolStuff -e remodel -e foreman

To view the list of the available features and if they're included or not by default, you can use the list command:

create-roblox-project list --features


A small utility command that prints the different features that can be included when generating a new project. Run the following command to get all the info you need:

create-roblox-project list


Check out the contributing guide to learn how you can help make this project better.

New to Rust? This project is fairly simple so it can be a good opportunity to get into it and write some code.


create-roblox-project is available under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.


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