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Crawdad: ChaRActer-Wise Double-Array Dictionary

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🦞 Crawdad: ChaRActer-Wise Double-Array Dictionary

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Crawdad is a library of natural language dictionaries using character-wise double-array tries. The implementation is optimized for strings of multibyte-characters, and you can enjoy fast text processing on strings such as Japanese or Chinese.

For example, on a large Japanese dictionary of IPADIC+Neologd, Crawdad has a better time-space tradeoff than other Rust libraries.

The detailed experimental settings and other results are available on Wiki.

What can do

  • Key-value mapping: Crawdad stores a set of string keys with mapping arbitrary integer values.
  • Exact match: Crawdad supports a fast lookup for an input key.
  • Common prefix search: Crawdad supports fast common prefix search that can be used to enumerate all keys appearing in a text.

Data structures

Crawdad contains the two trie implementations:

  • crawdad::Trie is a standard trie form that often provides the fastest queries.
  • crawdad::MpTrie is a minimal-prefix trie form that is memory-efficient for long strings.


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