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crag is a command-line rust based application and library for acessing (google) search results.

crag example

Quickstart: CLI

If you already have rust and cargo installed, you can install crag directly from crates.io:

cargo install --features=cli crag


To search with crag, just run crag [SEARCH], and wait for the results -- it's really that simple.

crag mountain-climbing

Of course, crag also supports several flags that modify the results returned by your search. The tool ships with built-in help text that describes the various options:

crag --help

Quickstart: Lib

Add crag to your project in your Cargo.toml:

crag = "0.4.0"


From a high level, crag uses search engine implementations to execute search queries and return a vector of results. Queries, engine settings, and search results are all static types; the actual search engine used should be interchangeable for any given query.

So if you want to point crag at your custom searx server, it's as simple as implementing the Soap trait for that engine.

crag also provides search implementations out-of-the-box, so you can get to searching:

Check out the API docs for usage examples and detailed information: https://docs.rs/crag



  • Searches things (from the command line!)
  • Clean search result display
  • Cross-platform
  • Integrates with your project as a library
  • Optional interactive search result navigation
  • Supports multiple search engines
  • ...


  • googler: The de facto standard (and probably best) command line google application, but it is currently archived.


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