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app crabmat

Terminal based kanban board

1 unstable release

0.1.0 Mar 8, 2024

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MIT license

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Terminal based kanban bored inspired by kabmat.


Run crabmat in the terminal. If no file is supplied then a file named kanban will be created. And if the file doesn't have a title or is empty, you will be prompted to enter a title for the new kanban board.

Main Screen

Key Action
h move column focus left
l move column focus right
j move card focus down
k move card focus up
<C-h> move column right
<C-l> move column left
H move card left
L move card right
J move card down
K move card up
d delete card
D delete column
q quit

Edit/New Column

Key Action
s/Enter save column
q/Esc exit without saving

Edit/New Card

Key Action
s save card
q/Esc exit without saving
<C-j> edit description
<C-k> edit title
Enter when editing the title, edit description


~121K SLoC