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C++ Project Manager

The C++ equivalent to cargo.


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Key Features

  • Create a C++ project with a single command.
  • Manage Project Locations.
  • Opening Projects from any command line
  • Minimal C support


There's three ways to get cppm:

  1. Download the build for windows.
  2. Install with Cargo cargo install cppm
  3. Get with our custom installer

Getting Started

The first thing needed when cppm has just been installed is to run cppm --config, and it'll ask for your default editor. You should see something like this:

$ cppm --config
Default editor: nvim
Clang is installed.
Clang++ is installed.
Location: /some/path/.cppm/defaults.toml

After that you are free to start using cppm.

For usage instructions run cppm --help or refer to the wiki.

Road Map

  • Generating C/C++ files
  • Commands for opening and removing projects
  • Support for g++ and clang++
  • Active build/run system
    • C build/run support
    • C/C++ Smart Object file compilation
  • External lib support
  • Code formatting command
  • Linter Integration
  • Package management
    • Caching
    • Frontend
      • Versioning
      • Documentation
      • User Interface
    • Backend
      • User system
      • Git integration
        • Custom ignore
    • Automated package compilation




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