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app cpg

a CLI that consistently generates passwords given the same input

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Consistent Password Generator.

this project is under development, and hasn't been reviewed by a cryptographer other limitations

A CLI that consistently generates passwords given the same input.


cpg is not a password manager, but can be used as an additional security layer on top of it.

The actual password used to sign up, and sign in, to services will not be stored anywhere as it will be generated every time instead.

 input    >       salt    =>    password
   ^                ^              ^
   |                |              |
 store it        genrated      use it to 
 online or       and stored    sign up and sign in
 remember it     locally       to services


cargo install cpg

see: installing binaries with cargo install, install rust and cargo

basic usage

-p list of passwords to salt

-s path to the salt to use (default ~/.conifg/cpg/secret.salt)

this is an example, you should use stronger inputs

$ cpg -p mybirthday iloveyou "mickey mouse"

mybirthday => 0#B[?7WZbufDrh#z{nJXPD8G6pP]BGQk
iloveyou => g3s5PKVbm1NK8UZFlyjxgsA%g5urG05#
mickey mouse => 1,it6rT^%=#geUO853q|€%B#@T4B"fjy


  • no salt encryption method yet.

  • inputs are not removed from .bash_history .


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