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Protocols are essentially the "endpoints" in a copernica network

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0.1.0 Aug 11, 2021

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RPC (HATEOAS) actions on a universally addressable public key.

Copernica is a transport agnostic overlay, privacy preserving, Information-centric, IP replacement, networking protocol. Just as Bitcoin separates money and state, so Copernica separates your data from -FAANG- state.

This crate contains the needed type and functions to allow for the implementation of Protocols.

A protocol typically is an application protocol, very similar to SMTP, NNTP and other types of protocols. I'm uncertain whether this crate should be the repository for a number of building block protocols that can be combined together in a Service layer abstraction, or simply expose just the needed traits to allow others to implement protocols which can be imported as needed.


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This project is licensed under the MPLV2 License - see the LICENSE file for details


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