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🔥 Conflagrate

Build applications from control flow graphs, rather than the other way around.

  1. Define your application flow with a Graphviz diagram
  2. Write the code for each node as a function
  3. Run

Conflagrate is a framework for building applications structured as the control flow graphs they end up becoming anyway.

Build the pieces of your application as self-contained nodes. Arrange and rearrange control flow logic as your needs mature and change without having to go back and rewrite the glue code connecting your components.

🔨 Build the Graph

Define your application control flow with a graph.


    digraph MessageHandlerGraph {
        listen[label="Listen on a Socket for a Message", type=Listen, start=true];
        handle_message[label="Handle the Message", type=HandleMessage];

        listen -> handle_message;  // Handle the message
        listen -> listen;  // Listen for the next message


💻 Implement the Nodes

Write a function for each type of node in your application.

use conflagrate::nodetype;

async fn Listen(interface: &SocketInterface) -> String {

async fn HandleMessage(message: String, logger: &Logger) {

🚀 Run

Run the application.

fn main() {


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