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A helper module to configure Pingora's built-in compression

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Compression Module for Pingora

This crate helps configure Pingora’s built-in compression mechanism. It provides two configuration options:

  • compression_level (--compression-level as command-line option): If present, will enable dynamic downstream compression and use the specified compression level (same level for all compression algorithms, see Pingora issue #228).
  • decompress_upstream (--decompress-upstream as command-line flag): If true, decompression of upstream responses will be enabled.

Code example

You will usually want to merge Pingora’s command-line options and configuration settings with the ones provided by this crate:

use compression_module::{CompressionConf, CompressionHandler, CompressionOpt};
use module_utils::{merge_conf, merge_opt, FromYaml};
use pingora_core::server::Server;
use pingora_core::server::configuration::{Opt as ServerOpt, ServerConf};
use structopt::StructOpt;

struct Opt {
    server: ServerOpt,
    compression: CompressionOpt,

struct Conf {
    server: ServerConf,
    compression: CompressionConf,

let opt = Opt::from_args();
let mut conf = opt
    .and_then(|path| Conf::load_from_yaml(path).ok())

let mut server = Server::new_with_opt_and_conf(opt.server, conf.server);

let compression_handler: CompressionHandler = conf.compression.try_into().unwrap();

You can then use that handler in your server implementation:

use async_trait::async_trait;
use compression_module::CompressionHandler;
use module_utils::RequestFilter;
use pingora_core::Error;
use pingora_core::upstreams::peer::HttpPeer;
use pingora_proxy::{ProxyHttp, Session};

pub struct MyServer {
    compression_handler: CompressionHandler,

impl ProxyHttp for MyServer {
    type CTX = <CompressionHandler as RequestFilter>::CTX;
    fn new_ctx(&self) -> Self::CTX {

    async fn request_filter(
        session: &mut Session,
        ctx: &mut Self::CTX,
    ) -> Result<bool, Box<Error>> {
        // Enable compression according to settings
        self.compression_handler.handle(session, ctx).await

    async fn upstream_peer(
        _session: &mut Session,
        _ctx: &mut Self::CTX,
    ) -> Result<Box<HttpPeer>, Box<Error>> {

For complete and more realistic code, see single-static-root example in the repository.


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