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Macro for storing common strings as enum variants

This crate provides a single macro for storing common strings as enum variants. If you are storing a lot of strings where a few values often occur, this can reduce the memory usage.

You can enable the serde feature to add serialization and deserialization support.


An example for this are Discord channel names. Names like general, offtopic, support, staff, ... make up a large percentage of all channel names. Storing a string for each channel called general wastes a lot of resources.

use common_strings::{common_strings, CommonStrings};

    #[derive(Clone, Debug)]
    pub enum ChannelName {
        const General = "general";
        const Offtopic = "offtopic";
        const Support = "support";
        const Staff = "staff";

fn main() {
    let channel_name = ChannelName::General;
    println!("{}", channel_name.as_ref()); // general

    let channel_name = ChannelName::Other(String::from("my-channel"));
    println!("{}", channel_name); // my-channel

    let channel_name = ChannelName::from_cow("offtopic".into());
    println!("{}", channel_name.into_string()); // offtopic