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Easily run and test your programming contest solutions

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Contest manager — easily run and test your programming contest solutions.

Getting started

How it works

  • You put your source code anywhere in the src directory, or a subdirectory of src.
  • You run coman. This will automatically find which source file you are working on and will compile and run it.
  • You put tests in the test directory.
  • You run coman test. This will run each test and display the results.

Simple, right?


  • Forget about writing Makefiles or regurgitating an obnoxiously long "gcc" command. coman takes the hassle away from compiling and running your code manually.
  • It can automatically find which solution you are working on, and run that one. (Or you can specify the file on the command line.)
  • It can test your solution with test cases that you provide.
  • It can quickly open a debugger for you.
  • It supports any programming language.

Building and installing

To install this program, install Rust if you haven't already.

You can install the latest version by typing:

$ cargo install coman

This will install coman from crates.io.

Now, check out the getting started tutorial.

Install the development version

Clone the repository and use cargo to install it:

$ git clone https://github.com/j-tai/coman.git
$ cd coman
$ cargo install --path .

Or, if you want to just build the program, you can use

$ cargo build --release

for an optimized build (or omit --release for a debug build). Then, the binary will be in target/release/coman (or target/debug/coman).




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