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collect-rs is intended as an experimental extension of the Rust standard library's libcollections. Ideas that are too niche, crazy, or experimental to land in libcollections can be gathered here where they can gain the maintenance and network-effect benefits that libcollections enjoys, but without worrying about such ivory tower concepts as "general usefulness" and "consistency".

For the time being, we plan to be highly volatile with a low barrier of entry. We want to explore the space of data structuring in Rust. We want to prove out ideas and implementations that could one day make their way into the standard library.

Got a concurrent, immutable, or persistent collection? Awesome! Crazy ideas for collection or iterator adapters? Heck yeah!

Come on in!


Note that anything included in collect-rs is theoretically a candidate for inclusion in libcollections. As such, this project is licensed under the same terms as Rust itself.