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Utility to retrieve all users in a specific AWS user pool

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Cognito User Reader

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This small utility will fetch all the users and emails from a Cognito User Pool of your choice and print a nice file for you.


You can compile it yourself:

cargo install cognito-user-reader # for AWSCLI 1
# or
cargo install cognito-user-reader --features awscli2 # for AWSCLI 2

or you can download the executable from GitHub releases and add it to your path.


You need to have previously installed awscli.

This crate supports both aws-cli versions 1 and 2. By default it will assume aws-cli 1 so if you're using version 2 you have the awscli2 feature available.


Depending on how you have configured AWS, you may need to use something similar to assume-role before using cur in order to access the data:

assume-role your-env

Then, just execute:

cur <pool_id> [-p] [-s] [-a custom:company] [-i "id1" "id2"] [-e "a@email.com" "b@email.com"] [-n] [-m] [-x 20] [-c 2020-02-10]

You will see a new cognito_users.csv file in your working directory with all your user's emails.

If you want to learn more about the options of this cli just execute cur -h.


  • -a: Array of attributes that you want to get for your users. Email is always included.
  • -p: Prints the result to the terminal
  • -s: Shows also the unconfirmed users
  • -i: Array of user ids to be filtered
  • -e: Array of user emails to be filtered
  • -n: Inverts the userId filter
  • -m: Inverts the user email filter
  • -x: Max number of users to retrieve
  • -c: Only shows users created from this date


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