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Utility to retrieve all users in a specific AWS user pool

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Cognito User Reader

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This small utility will fetch all the users and emails from a Cognito User Pool of your choice and print a nice file for you.


You can compile it yourself:

cargo install cognito-user-reader

or you can download the executable from GitHub releases and add it to your path.


You need to have previously installed awscli.

pip install awscli


Depending on how you have configured AWS, you may need to use something similar to assume-role before using cur in order to access the data:

assume-role your-env

Then, just execute:

cur <pool_id> [-r eu-west-1] [-p] [-s] [-i "id1" "id2"] [-e "a@email.com" "b@email.com"] [-n] [-m] [-x]

You will see a new cognito_users.csv file in your working directory with all your user's emails.

If you want to learn more about the options of this cli just execute cur -h.


  • -r: AWS region
  • -p: Prints the result to the terminal
  • -s: Shows also the unconfirmed users
  • -i: Array of user ids to be filtered
  • -e: Array of user emails to be filtered
  • -n: Inverts the userId filter
  • -m: Inverts the user email filter
  • -x: Max number of users to retrieve


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